Friday, 8 July 2011

Random Stuff today :)

Hi all..just got home from work : P

Not fun at all...I got three days left then about a whole week off :D

Anyway, I have some random pictures for today (got the camera working :D!)

The first is something I've been wanting to share for a while, it's the smallest paper star I've made to date so far :D so small that I can fit it in a locket so I can keep it with me (so I don't lose it, y'know... I tend to be careless >.<) But in my carelessness I went swimming with the locket on >_< so the star kind of faded.. xD

Yesterday and the day before I was working on making my bellbottom jeans (made by me :D) look cooler, so I did this to them:

I embroidered the  side which  is right  above my right  foot. I plan to add more later because it seems sort of.. "out of place" right now..

Lately I've also been addicted to crocheting "amigurumis" which, honestly, is so relaxing.

I love them ^_^

I was also lucky enough to get a picture of one of our lazy dogs XD all she does is sleep, or fight with her sister or her mum. geez.


Well that's all for today...hopefully more creations tomorrrow! I need to make myself a phone case...

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