Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Happy Tuesday (:

Hello all!
Got some things to show you today... (AND FINALLY the phone case, XD)

anyway. I got bored yesterday/this morning and so I made these:

They are so easy to make and take about two minutes each... XD All you do is take two longish pieces of string, twist them up, fold in half, twist up again, fasten onto wrist. So easy, and they don't bother me, so that's why I made a lot of them XD They don't get annoying to wear after a while.

And I finally promised to take a few pictures of my phone case (my camera eats batteries! I took four pictures (post before last) and it died q.q)

Here it is. It's pretty plain since i only took one colour to work, but it fits really snug around my phone (:

Those two (Ven and Aqua from KH: Birth by Sleep (: )are just my little phone charms xD
There y'all have it. I have a week off (and I might quit, too) so I'll have a lot of time to post new stuff. Awesome! baibai for now ^_^

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