Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Day one--let's see (;

As I'm sitting here typing this I'm wondering just how many people are going to actually read it, and I'm smiling as I do type it.
 I love this--just writing about anything that drops off my mind.

I need to get my camera working again--then pictures will start to appear on here. Until then, I'll just ramble on about awesome, pointless stuff.

I really don't know why I'm so lazy--I love taking hardcore, photography-like pictures, but my poor camera has got close to no attention in the past couple months. Because of my laziness I've been taking pictures with the camera on my phone, which isn't nearly as good. So I'll be better, XD

Today....working on rings (the friendship bracelet style way ;D) and enjoying sitting next to my little flower on the windowsill. I'm not sure if it's alive or not. =/  When the rings are done I'll get pictures (hopefully!) of them up here later, maybe ^_^ me and my laziness...

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